Custom Cycling Apparel by Looney Parrot

So pleased you dropped in. And, if you are anything like us, you are here because you are tired of paying inflated pricing for cool cycling jerseys or accepting low quality products with boring designs in order to pay less. Our stock cycling jersey inventory fills the void between paying outrageous prices and feeling like you have little choice but to accept a product you aren't happy with.
Our custom jerseys and kits follow the same credo. High quality garments at prices you won't believe.
Enjoy your visit.

What we do

Colour, vibrance, making a statement, standing out and expressing your personality are all things cyclists enjoy embracing. And fun, don't forget it's about having fun too. Looney Parrot provides an ever growing selection of high quality cycling jerseys in stunning designs at prices everybody can afford and would expect to pay.
Our custom designs service specialises in cycling club jerseys and kits in stunning creations to suit your clubs identity. We'll even create logos and identities if your club doesn't have one. MORE.


Let the real you burst forth and be seen

The Looney Parrot range is diverse in colour, design and subject. From the sweetness of girls to the grit of the guys (and everybody in between) there is sure to be many designs you just have to have. Our specific women's cycling jerseys will be a breath of fresh air for the ladies out there and with several male appealing designs the guys have a great choice as well. Let your real self burst forth on the trails and roads proudly displaying who you are today.