Custom Cycling Apparel

Welcome and thanks for your interest. If you are anything like us, you are here because you are tired of paying inflated pricing for cool cycling jerseys or accepting low quality products with boring designs in order to pay less.
Our custom jerseys and kits are high quality garments at prices you won't believe.
We specialise in helping cycling clubs and riding groups within Australia to establish their identity and design. We strive to supply cycling products that make you stand out from the crowd.
Our range includes various road and mountain bike jerseys, sleeves, vests, jackets, bandannas and other cycling apparel. We have casual wear available and coming soon including caps, socks, t-shirts, hoodies and more.
Below you can see samples of some recent work and there's many more in our Customer Portfolio in the main menu.

Custom Cycling Apparel

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Cogheads Kit

The Cogheads are a long running MTB social riding group from the Newcastle, NSW region who came to us back in early winter with an idea of what they wanted in a kit design wise. We worked with them to develop that idea and adjust their existing logos (one for the girls as well) into a bright selection of jerseys and other kit. The main parameters were the colours and vertical stripes.

Seeing as many of the Cogheads rides stat and/or end at pubs... they thought using a screenshot of part of their Strava Heatmap might be a cool idea for the back of the jerseys. And it was. But here's where things got complex. We weren't happy to use a screenshot though (for all the graphic design reasons), so many, many hours were put in to create a proper vector 'heatmap' using part of their logo to show the pub locations. The end result is a striking, true representation of their popular trail networks. The Cogheads, and Cogettes, were very happy with the new look and promptly ordered a range of products including XC jerseys (long and short sleeve), Trail/Gravity jerseys (long and short sleeve), some winter XC jerseys, vests, knicks (std and bib) and arm warmers. Out on the trails their design stands out bright and unmistakable.

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Wild Cogs 3/4 Sleeve Jersey

3/4 sleeve mtb gravity downhill custom designed jersey

The Wild Cogs are a single chapter, private MTB group hailing from north Queensland's Townsville region. Seems that these boys like to ride hard and drink harder. At least that's what their sketched drawing of the logo they wanted made up suggested. They pretty much had it all figured out by the time they contacted us to make their dream come true. Orange fading to black with a black biker 'vest' please!

We started by creating a digital vector of their logo sketch before laying out the jersey design. There's a lot of work in doing a logo from scratch like that and plenty of time in the vest's stitching as well. If you don't see these guys coming at you in the forest's around Nth Qld then you are either riding with your eyes wide shut, or you are blind drunk. Which, is possibly where they are... in some Townsville pub, under a stein lager telling each other lies about their last ride. Only good natured fellas would want a design like this, so say hello from us.

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Wolf Gravity Enduro Jersey

gravity enduro downhill trail custom mtb mountain bike jersey looney parrot

If you race gravity enduro up and down the NSW east coast and in the ACT in the cranky old buggers category, you might just find yourself staring at this angry looking wolf. Tully, as he's known to his friends, owns a very large, hairy dog that makes most wolves look like cuddly toys. So when he decided he wanted us to create a cool downhill jersey so he looks good on the bike and podium, he wanted his pet werewolf to feature.

So here you see the end result, an out there rendition of his mate at home to strike fear into his competitors. If you see Brad out there at the races... be nice... or he might eat you.