About Looney Parrot Cycling Jerseys

Then, now, future

With a cycling history of both road riding and mountain biking dating back to the early 1980's, the Looney Parrot team know what cyclist's want in cycle gear. Having further history in custom clothing and swimsuits provides a solid knowledge of fabric quality and suitability as well. Finally, with graphic design among the range of skills we possess, our small team is well equipped to fill the void we see.
Our design styling yields a wide range of choices in a wide range of colour combinations as well. It's all about appealing to the individual riders so they can choose a product that in some way is an extension of their inner personality itself. Women, in particular, often struggle to find the colours and images on cycle gear that caters to their gender. Looney Parrot acknowledges the female market and strives to provide high quality, appealing designs for the ladies as well as the guys. It might be a "boys game" but girls play too!
Our product range, although starting with cycling jerseys and knicks, is expanding into arm warmers, vests and other cycle gear as well. We are constantly reviewing our products performance and suitability to the market to ensure we are providing the highest quality at the best prices.