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Stags 3/4 Sleeve Jersey

custom cycling jersey

The Stags are a small group of all mountain riders from New South Wales who, after a riding week away out of state, got to 'horsing' around with some deer antlers in their holiday cabin. From that, their group's name was sealed. The Stags approached us for their jersey design with only blue/teal colours in mind and maybe antlers to be incorporated somehow.

We started by creating them a cool logo and then set about adding the flying dirt and the other imaging to the design to create a fun identity for them in the form of a 3/4 sleeve jersey.

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Screaming Squirrels XC Jersey

custom cycling cross country jersey

The Screaming Squirrels are small bunch of cross country mountain bike riders on New South Wales' Central Coast with a sense of humour. Why a squirrel for a logo, we don't know. Not sure they do either. They came to us with an idea of wanting a logo created to match their group name... and they wanted testicles. Big ones. And hairy... they wanted hairy ones. A clean look was important, colours were not.
So then, what you see here is what we came up with for them. Brings water to the eyes don't it? If you see these crazy guys in a forest near you, be sure to wave and say hello... or hide. Maybe hiding is safer?

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4B XC Team Jersey

custom design mtb xc road jersey

This clean design was conceived mostly by our client this time around. Our job was to convert the design in their head into the product you see here. The result is a smart looking jersey that suits this social riding and racing team of ladies from the Hunter Valley region.

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Choko XC Kit

custom designed cycling jersey bib knicks shorts

The Choko Chins riding group are based in the Newcastle region and are essentially a group of friends that enjoy their cross country riding. They came to us with most of the design and basic colours already in their heads, they just needed us to make it all happen.

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